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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

​All weight loss plans will be coupled with an individualized diet plan, exercise, and vitamin/mineral supplementation. Let Ten Years Younger walk the walk with you on your weight loss journey!

Weight Loss Solutions
Explore our tailored weight loss packages designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Each package is crafted to provide comprehensive support for your weight loss journey, without focusing on prices, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.
Package 1: Weight Loss Only
•Comprehensive lab tests including TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO, lipid panel, A1C, fasting insulin, CBC, CMP, and vitamin D levels.
•Prescription support tailored to your weight loss goals.
•A Myers cocktail infusion to support overall wellness.
•Four slim shots designed to enhance your metabolism.
•Weekly vital signs monitoring and weigh-ins using a Tanita scale for detailed body composition analysis.
•A suggested healthy eating guide to complement your weight loss efforts.
•A bottle of multivitamin infusion (MVI) for nutritional support.
Package 2: Weight Loss + Hormones
•Includes all elements of Package 1, with additional hormone lab tests (testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, FSH, LH, SHBG) for a comprehensive understanding of your body.
•Hormone adjustments and cortisol assessments through ZRT to tailor your plan.
•An additional diet drip and a Myers cocktail to further support your journey.
Package 3: Weight Loss, Hormones, and Wellness
•This all-encompassing package includes everything in Package 2.
•Alletess food sensitivity testing with a yeast add-on, including a wellness packet personalized for you.
•Spectracell micronutrient testing to optimize your nutritional intake.
•An NAD infusion for enhanced energy and recovery.
•For those needing extra care, we offer add-ons such as heavy metal testing and GI stool effects tests to address gut health issues.
Choose the package that best aligns with your health goals and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you.

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