Peels, Facials,& Scrubs


-100% Natural deep pre-cleansing and detoxing facial: Blackheads and whiteheads are lightly extracted while exfoliating dead skin cells away. Along with optional addons, a fresh detoxing mask is applied to draw toxins out of the skin. This facial is great at removing excess oils, dead skin cells, and make-up particle build up. Also helps with fine lines and wrinkles all while restoring your skin’s natural PH balance.

-Deep pore cleansing: Manual clinical cleansing, with light exfoliation and
extractions of blackheads and whiteheads.

-Ancient Detoxing Mask: Uses 100% natural ingredients to draw out impurities and harmful toxins from the skin.

-Vitamin infusion mask: We use steam and our pharmaceutical-grade vitamin based skin care products, to open the pores and allow the body to absorb healthy vitamins directly into the skin.

-Dermaplaning: A medical grade blade is used to scrape dead skin cells, old
makeup, and “peach fuzz” from the skin. This will deeply exfoliate and prepare the skin to be better able to absorb products used during skincare treatments, making any skin care treatments more effective.

-Skin wellness subscriptions
Ten Years Younger offers skin wellness subscriptions to guide you and keep you on the path of achieving glowing, radiant skin. Skin wellness subscriptions can be your aide in the antiaging battle. We are committed to nourishing and repairing deprived skin, improving your skin’s overall appearance and glow. The possibilities become endless when you subscribe to your new monthly skin care routine. Let us take that responsibility from you, making us responsible for your new, healthy glow!

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