Iron Glycinate-Gentle and Highly Absorbable Iron Formula*


Count 120.




  •  Female Health
  • Supplements Inadequate Dietary Intake of Iron*
  • Supports Increased Requirement for Iron*
  • Supports Healthy Ferritin and Hemoglobin Levels*

Doctor’s Reference Sheet

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120 C


Iron bis-glycinate is a well-studied, 100% fully-reacted, patented form of iron exclusively from Albion® Laboratories. The amino acid glycine is actually one of the two starting materials the body uses to synthesize hemoglobin. Therefore, Iron Glycinate™ contributes two key factors. This form of iron has higher bioavailability, lower toxicity, less food reactivity, fewer food interactions and has a longer shelf life than any other common form of iron.*

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
29 mg 161%


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